How Important Is Accountability?


noun 1. the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.

Everyone has heard - How you handle and manage any situation, challenge or experience in your life is probably how you handle all of them. You could extrapolate the process behind how you do any one thing, and use it as a sign of how you probably do any other thing.

Once you understand how you do “anything,” you can make grand changes for your life in general.

Perhaps now is the time to break old patterns and set new standards for yourself as I did over 20+ years ago.

I was an overweight child and teenager and lived with the nickname of “LUMPY” for many years. I knew that I was capable of much more and knew that I wanted to change and then I found the GYM!

It is a place of progress and contemplation, a place where I could push myself and hone my ability to focus, to grow, and to achieve self-improvement. I fell in love with the gym, and consider the choice to make it a habitual part of my life to be one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made.

The self-control, discipline, and work ethic I have cultivated within its walls has carried over to every other aspect of my life and has, without a doubt, led me to become a more confident, self-assured, and more complete individual.

The Classical Greeks believed that physical fitness and mental clarity were two sides of the same coin! The gym teaches you quickly that you must suck at something before you can be any good at it, and deliberately practicing and repeating the process will be your key in doing just that.

And the same is true in all other areas of LIFE!

If you want to get good at anything, whether it’s talking to people, building a business, or, yes, lifting weights, then you need to punch fear in the face and just freaking do it!

You begin to ask yourself “If I was able to take my body and transform it into a leaner, stronger, and more capable version of what it once was, using nothing but my willpower and drive to do so, what else could I transform?” and this is what lifting really shows you.

Training and lifting show you that you are capable of making a difference, making a change for the better, for yourself and even for those around you.

This mastery you develop over your body and the mindset you gain as a result bleeds into the other facets of your life and you begin to see the truth.

The truth that you are the master of all of your circumstances and capable of achieving whatever you might choose to set your mind to. And that is a power few come to possess within their lifetime. 1%

You only have one life and one body, why not push it to its limits? Why not see what it’s truly capable of achieving and reap the benefits of doing so?

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